Unlike traditional accounting firms, Kerr Forensic Accounting PC works exclusively in forensic accounting.  We have chosen to limit our areas of expertise to Probate Matters, Financial Investigations and Litigation Support.  We believe that it is better to excel in these areas rather than try to be all things to all people.  Our strengths come from our strong background in accounting and audit combined with our knowledge of probate matters and financial and tax documents.  It is this combination of experience and knowledge that truly sets us apart.



Probate Matters are an emotional and sensitive area. They generally involve issues related to money and families. The money may be that of a Protected Person, elder, child or decedent. The money may be available to be distributed or it may be gone. No matter what – probate matters are usually about money and its distribution. We help you track the money.


Financial Investigations are also generally very sensitive matters. Just the word “investigation” makes most people uneasy. And, when you combine investigation with a person that is generally a trusted employee, family member or friend, it gets very sensitive. We have experience dealing with both the documents involved and the people involved.


Litigation Support takes experience. Litigation involves document productions, depositions, trials and testimony. These aspects of any investigation can be difficult and intimidating. We have experience in all of these areas and can assist you through this process. You want to make sure that your expert is experienced. We are very up front about our areas of experience with litigation support and limit our engagements accordingly. For cases which require knowledge beyond our scope, we can make referrals to appropriate professionals.